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Creating a Chroot Jail for SSH Access

Create Group and then Create an user in this group: 

$groupadd [example Group Name] $adduser -g [example Group Name] [example User Name]

Create your own Chroot Directory to limit the user access:

$mkdir -p [the Preferred Locations]

eg: $mkdir -p /chroots/

Then create the following folders under the [the Preferred Location]


$mkdir -p /[preferred location]/dev

$mkdir -p /[preferred location]/etc

$mkdir -p /[preferred location]/lib
this folder is for the allowed reference library for supporting command(s) and settings

$mkdir -p /[preferred location]/usr

$mkdir -p /[preferred location]/usr/bin
this folder is for the allowed command(s) eg: li, cat, touch ...

$mkdir -p /[preferred location]/bin

Setup the permission [the Preferred Location]

eg: $chown root.root /chroot